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First, and most importantly - your dog MUST be registered and have attended Camp Tails Doggy Daycare recently.

You don't have to be a weekly attendee but we need to know that they come and enjoy our daycare as that’s what they get day to day around their sleepovers. We are not a kennels and operate a VERY different way where if we don’t think a dog is happy we won’t let them stay with us.

1) Overnight stays must include the day at daycare for their first night, i.e if you need a Wednesday night care they must attend daycare the Wednesday, normal drop off. Collection before 10am the day after counts as 1 overnight stay (in effect 26hrs care), if later the next day is charged as daycare as normal.


2) With the exception of our trial week, overnight stays will be charged as a 24hr fee, separate to daycare / credits.


3) Bookings made are only confirmed once 50% non refundable deposit is paid for the duration of your dog’s stay.


4) Strictly, with no exceptions Hotel will only be open to daycare attendees that have / are attending in some regular capacity. This is to ensure we keep our happy healthy environment for dogs that know and trust us. Any new customers wanting to use the hotel must register and attend daycare and a subsequent trial night before booking longer stays.


5) For this year we will mostly be a flat rate for whatever day chose with the exception of premium days such as bank holidays, Christmas etc where a higher rate will apply


6) There are two blackout periods JULY 24th - AUGUST 13th and DECEMBER 24th - DECEMBER 27th where we will not be accepting bookings for the time being, until we are confident with our staffing structure. Im hopeful these dates will become available by May, as I know they will be popular.


7) Once we have bookings that straddle a weekend we will announce what weekends we will be open for daycare too, once we get going we will be open every weekend.


8) We will have 15 rooms available with a few being able to accommodate multi dog families. There will be a small discount if same family dogs can stay together in one room but they must be used to this arrangement at home.


9) It will be recommended to taster night before booking any big trips to ensure your dog is happy staying with us. We are more than confident that most dogs will take to our “hotel” as the next best thing from home but know some may struggle / take time to get used to it and, as with our daycare, we reserve the right to refuse bookings if not suitable for the dog.




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MONDAY 24th APRIL 2023: GRAND OPENING - all dates available from now on*

*except previously indicated blackout dates that may come available later in the year



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Bookings are now OPEN. Bookings will only be accepted via email or message to enable us to process in time/first come first served.

To Book:

  1. Check if dates you want are available

  2. Read and sign off on T&C’s

  3. Complete booking form and send to Camp via email

  4. On confirmation return, call us up to pay deposit.

  5. Your Hotel stay is now confirmed!

  6. Balance due 1 month prior to booking.

Exclusive to Camp Tails Daycare Users

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