Booking Terms!

As we are close to capacity at Camp Tails now we need to ensure everyone understands our booking process to ensure we can have as many happy dogs as possible!

"Full Time Camper - Regular Same Day"

 - Same day every week with exception holidays"

"Part Time Camper - Regular Attendee Odd Day"

- "Every week but some variance to days required week by week"

"Ad Hoc Camper - Attendee odd weeks"

- "Campers who come every once in a while but not in any kind of regularity"

  • Once registered you are welcome to book as you need us, but please note we have Full Time Campers that can book consecutive weeks and if you are not attending the same day each week you will only be able to request a space 6 DAYS ahead of time (it is this point that regular spots come open to anyone for the following week).

  • If booking a regular space (same day/s each week) i.e Full Timer Camper, please let us know your preference and if unavailable you can be added to a wait list in the meantime. (CURRENTLY NO SPACES TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY - Wait list open)

  • Once in a regular slot it's yours unless you relinquish it!

  • Please note if you fail to notify us of non attendance you will still be charged as per our standard T&C's and risk losing your regular space.

  • Frequent cancellations of a regular day may mean losing your regular spot / only being able to book 6 days ahead of time.

  • For any booking changes we require a minimum of 24hrs notice to avoid a fee (must be prior to 8am on day before) in writing. Outside of this you will be charged a full day rate regardless of reason* with the exception of a dog coming into season/heat. *This includes, changes of plans, human illness, dog illness, travel issues etc. We have limited spaces unfortunately and staff according to dog bookings and therefore charges will apply.
  • We make allowances for holidays but just ask you let us know at the earliest opportunity to enable us to try and fill the space whilst you are away (MAX 2 weeks or spot cannot be held without a fee).

  • If attending weekly, but need a non regular day (i.e if its not your normal weekly day) "Part Time Camper", you may request additional day/s but a space may only be available short notice, so you will be added to a wait list and notified if a place becomes available.

  • If you get added to a wait list we will email you if a space comes up. Please note you will need to confirm this booking within 2hrs to secure the space or we will ask the next wait list space and so on (more time is allowed the further in advance we notify you).