Why choose The Groom Cabin?


We can offer something no other Groomer can. A huge amount of flexibility with your regular grooming appointment.

  • No more trying to squeeze into a last minute appointment.
  • No more rushing back to collect your dog worrying about them.
  • No more struggles to find parking when dropping off or collecting.
  • No more excessive late fees*.

For daycare Campers we can get your dog groomed and smelling nice all within their fun day at Camp!

Stress Free.

You know how much your dog loves Camp, well, imagine they had that same view on groomers.
Even if they’ve had some difficulty at Groomers previously with daycare either side of their appointment we can layer on the positivity to ensure they have the most stress free time possible. Over time reducing and removing the “groom anxiety” some dogs suffer from.


At Camp Tails, We Make Dogs Happy. And this will translate to our groom experience too.
Our groomer will have daycare and behaviour training to ensure we build a trust and bond with your dog in the salon. The groomer will also spend downtime with all our dogs in the daycare so they will quickly see them as one of our own!

And one more thing… we will be crate free. With our daycare we have the unique opportunity to offer something other groomers can’t – Freedom. Daycare dogs can play before and after their appointments meaning they are happy and relaxed.

For non daycare dogs we’ve built a spacious secure playground to accompany the cabin meaning they can have a stretch, play or cuddle without the need for a crate if you choose the play groom option.

“Love Camp Tails Groom Room! My dog is always happy in the capable hands of their excellent staff and comes out looking a complete dude to boot 😁 Special thanks to Hannah!”

Trish Williams