Important COVID-19 Information

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Frequently Asked COVID Questions:

Q) Can dogs transmit or carry the virus

A) Evidence so far suggests dogs cannot contract the COVID19 virus, but if someone has the virus there is a small possibility it could be passed via the dogs coat, lead or collar for instance. This is why we have introduced a "clean down" process before and after a dog enters our daycare to remove any foreign bodies and insulate Camp from the outside world.


Q) I have symptoms, can I have someone else bring my dog?

A) No, we would ask that you self isolate as it heightens the risk of spreading the virus. If you or a household member have the symptoms, please stay away for a period of at least 14 days.

Q) I am high risk, should I / can I still bring my dog?

A) The choice is yours. We are confident with the measures we have put in place to adhere to government guidelines and these extend further than supermarket and other operational businesses at this time. Having said that we want people to feel safe, and if there is any doubt in your mind please don't attend. For the short term we are aiming soley for keyworkers dogs, dogs whom are having socialisation issues and those that can attend safely to support Camp Tails. The aim is to have minimal staff and dogs attend to cover our overheads only following the lack of government support or grants for our sector. 

Further questions will be added as the situation evolves.

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