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Jobs / Vacancies

Leadership or management experience in a dog daycare? Email us with your CV!


Current Daycare Vacancies

Due to the popularity of a position with us. we sometimes don’t get a chance to advertise and when we do, we have a LOT of applicants. If you think you have what it takes and stand out, we accept CV’s with a personal statement – Tell us why you would be great at Camp Tails. If we like what we see your details will be kept on file and contacted about any future opportunities!


You need to be:




Own or have owned a dog before


I love dogs, this would be my dream job, do I need experience?

You and everyone else Im afraid - everyone says they love dogs and it would be a dream job. We need more than this. And experience wise, not always, but it certainly helps, anything from volunteering at shelters to working in a kennels will help you stand out from the competition.

How do I get a job with you?

In short, an Apprenticeship. It is very rare we will hire anyone without them first completing an apprenticeship with us first, full and part time positions are first offered to those on completion of apprenticeships hence they rarely come available. This not only helps us build a great team but also ensures we have a great base of skills and knowledge to look after the dogs. Anyone applying for a non-apprenticeship position would need to not only hold a Level 3 or higher animal care qualification but also have had a great deal of experience in another daycare or kennel environment.

What do you look for in candidates?

Enthusiasm and passion for animals. We don’t take people who expect to just come and cuddle dogs. We offer far more to our canine visitors that requires alertness, attentiveness and a responsible attitude to ensure we have the safest environment possible. You will be playing with and cleaning up after dogs all day and need to enjoy it. It isn’t for everyone and we are very selective of whom we allow into our environment.

Can I volunteer?

I’m afraid not, we don’t accept volunteers under any circumstances. We believe our carers need to be trained and have a dedication that we simply couldn’t get from a volunteer. We do however occasionally assist with work experience placements, but this is strictly only available for over 16 year old college students studying an animal care course.

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