We love your dogs like they are our own and they fast become family members to the whole team of carers.

Jon started his dog journey mid 2014 when a young black labrador arrived at his home at 11 weeks old. This little puppy was to be named Loki and little did either of them know the journey they would start together. As they learned more about each other they were soon recognised as a formidable team! Loki completed their family and soon became an integral part of the Kay household.

With reading and studying Jon soon found a natural ability to communicate with dogs and enjoyed the psychology and behavioural side of all canines.

Fast forward to 2016, after a traumatic year with multiple family losses there was a somewhat cliché epiphany moment of life’s too short and it was time for a career change! By chance Jon stumbled across an opportunity to start a dog daycare franchise and after careful consideration realised a dog business was a dream come true.

Our dog daycare was instantly well received in Bury St Edmunds, and the drive and passion of Jon accelerated the business to awards and accolades both locally and nationally. With a growing team that were testament to his vision and commitment to offering more than “daycare” we evolved into Camp Tails in 2019 as a fully independent small business and haven’t looked back!

December 2016

Established in December 2016, we brought the world of dog day care to Bury St. Edmunds in a storm winning multiple awards along the way.

We quickly gained the trust and love of the community by caring for dogs big and small, providing valuable insight, advice and guidance on all things dog!

With charity iniatives and support within the local community, we fast became the go-to doggy experts.

May 2019

May 2019, we evolved into Camp Tails Doggy Daycare looking again to break the mould with creative and fun ideas and themes to create the best environment for your dogs.

December 2020

In 2020, we launched The Groom Cabin, a Camp Tails spin on grooming, making sure we have happy pampered pooches! Finally being able to offer an additional service to our customers with a Camp Tails spin on care.

April 2022

After a long search and a long project build our new home was ready and we moved in to Camp Tails 2.0 4th April 2022. The new centre boasts 3 large playrooms, two huge outdoor play zones and extra space for some new expansions…

April 2023

A short busy year later, In 2023, THE Hotel at Camp Tails opens. A luxury overnight option for your best family members but very much not a kennel. Learn More here!

The initiative couldn’t have reached our award winning status without the help of former councillor Clive Springett and the early support of the council, BID and tourism board.


Bury St. Edmunds’ very own scheme for Dog Friendly locations, set up jointly by Camp Tails, Our Bury St EdmundsBury St Edmunds and Beyond and Bury St Edmunds Town Council.
Our aim is to make Bury St Edmunds widely known and recognised as one of the most dog friendly locations in the country. Helping the local community, businesses and visiting tourists identify where they can take their dogs!
From pubs, cafes and bars to shops, museums and accommodations, Bury has them all that welcome dogs with open arms!

In 2023 Bury St Edmunds was formally awarded at the National Dog Friendly Awards and named as the Most Dog Friendly Town in England and runner up in the UK!

Learn more about dog friendly Bury St Edmunds