Finally I hear you say!

News broke late 2021 when we announced our big move, and a little detail on the planning application was highlighted mentioning a certain hotel.

Since then, not a week has gone by when we haven’t had someone ask -“when”!

Long term customers have known this was a desire of mine for a long time now. Being able to care for dogs overnight is a natural thing for us to offer, but I knew it couldn’t be undertaken lightly.

There are kennels. There are overnight boarders. There are also Dog hotels. I want THE Hotel at Camp Tails to be better than anything anyone has seen before, offering our industry leading care, that we have proudly built over the past 6 years, with the same level of passion and expertise, just overnight.

So what does that look like.

Large individual bedrooms

Actual Beds


Lounge common room

Staff operated 24/7

Daycare during the day

Our special unique Camp Tails approach and style.

– – – –

More updates and pictures coming soon – including a grand room reveal.